Accessories are an important part of your biking life.  Some are essential like helmets, some are just fun.  We can help you with both. A helmet can be a lifesaver and everyone on a bike should wear one.  We offer a variety to suit your preferences.  Gloves help to reduce vibration from the road and also offer some protection for your hands in case of a fall.  High visibility clothing and accessories are also a safety measure.

our helmet selection is excellent

You might consider some of these accessories to help your bike to meet your personal needs: a bag or basket of some type, a speedometer, a phone holder, a bell or horn, a water bottle and cage to hold it, a lock, lights front and rear especially if you ride at night, a bike pump, a tire lever, and chain lube.  We also have car racks for transport and trainers for indoor riding. 

some accessories are just for fun like this flask

We are still adding to our accessory selection, please check with us if there is something you would like us to carry.

A cell phone holder puts your phone right where you can use it.