Don't leave anyone behind when you go biking....

We can help you choose the right accessory to bring the kids along for the ride.  We offer child seats, trailers, and trail-a-bikes.  We'll help you determine which option is best for you and your kids.

Take the kids along with a trail-a-bike
A trailer lets you bring little ones along for the ride.

For beginning riders we offer small bikes as well as training wheels, assist handles, and coaster bikes.

We have a good selection of kid's bikes.
Coaster bikes help little ones learn to ride a two wheeler.

We also offer lots of accessories for the kids to make bike riding even more fun.  We have baskets and bells, streamers and squeekers, horns and helmets, and lots more

biking is fun - kids love something fun on their bike
lots of fun accessories for the kids

For riding togetherness tandems provide a fun option. Older adults and those who are looking for a more stable ride may consider an adult three-wheeler.  Whatever your age or your needs, Never Ending Cycles is here to help.  We want to encourage a lifetime of cycling.

a bicycle built for two - always fun
sometimes three wheels are better than two